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Sail the Carnival Elation, February 1 – February 5, 2018 to Nassau & Freeport, Bahamas!



Prepare to cruise like a champion aboard Carnival Elation. Refurbished on or around 2 years ago.

Try your luck with slots machines, blackjack, craps and roulette in the Casablanca Casino.  Relax in Spa Carnival featuring the most extensive spa facility at sea and pamper yourself in the Beauty Salon or sit back and relax on the patio after taking a nice dip in the Elation’s Pool. Then, grab a light bite to eat at the Mongolian Rotisserie Grille or swing on by Tiffany’s Lido Restaurant for a drink or a meal.

When you’re cruising on the Carnival Elation, one thing is for sure: HOTS will be taking over this boat!

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From the best pizza afloat (available 24 hours per day) to haute cuisine in the main dining room, Carnival really delivers on the food front.



By day, there are bingo and Trivial Pursuit contests, not to mention such highbrow events poolside as the men’s hairy chest contest. You can walk down Elation’s Way and stop into the Drama Bar, Musical Cafe, Jekyll & Hyde Dance Club, or Gatsby’s Great Bar. You will also find the Cole Porter Club, the Romeo and Juliet dance floor and bar, jewelry shop, and Virtual World. Adults can find an escape from the kids at the adult only Serenity located on the aft section of this exciting deck.




On the one “formal” night, women wear gowns or cocktail dresses; most men wear a dark suit instead of tux. By day, nearly everyone wears shorts, T-shirt, sneakers/sandals, bathing suit, and a hat.